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Playtest Board Game Rentals

Perfect for when you want to try before buying, need some entertainment for your cottage weekend, or if you're not looking to commit to keeping a game forever. 


Pay the full retail price of the game you want to play test it for 4 days!

Upon return of the game you decide:

You loved it and have to have it; we keep the money and hand you a brand, new copy to add to your collection! If it's not in stock, we'll order it in for you! 

You had fun, but aren't compelled to own it; we're glad to have saved you from buyer's remorse! We keep a 10% rental fee (rounded up to the closest dollar), return the rest, and you'll save your shelf space for something you'll really enjoy.

Rentals available in-store only.
*** NOTE: Renters must be at least 18 years of age. Taxes apply.*** 


4 Days - Rent a game and return it 4 days later before close.

Example: If you rent a game on Thursday, you will need to return it for the following Monday before the store closes.

RENTAL FEE - The rental fee is 10% of retail price rounded up to the closest dollar.

RENTAL DEPOSIT - The rental deposit is equal to the retail cost minus the rental fee, and returned on the day the game is brought back to the store after a passing an inspection. 


The game's retail cost is $47.95.
The rental fee is $5.00 plus applicable taxes (10% of the retail price, $4.80, rounded up to the closest dollar).
The rental deposit is $42.95 plus applicable taxes.
The rental deposit will be refunded upon return of the game after passing an inspection.

Games that fail to be returned before close on their respective due date are subject to an additional, non-refundable fee of 10% for each day it is late up until the game is returned, or the late fees accumulate to match the retail price of the game plus taxes. 

Games returned with damaged or missing components may be subject to a mishandling fee (depending on the type of damage and whether or not the game is fully playable despite the damage) upon inspection.