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Warhammer 40K: Codex - Necrons

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Necrons are immortal android aliens, who ruled the galaxy in a long forgotten era. Now, after millennia of slumber in a state of stasis, they are rising to win her back. Equipped with living metal bodies capable of regenerating and weapons that unleash the most devastating forms of energy in the cosmos, Necrons are terrifying enemies. Absolutely relentless, ignoring fear and pity, they advance in tight ranks while unleashing storms of fire that mow down the toughest opponents. The hyper-resilient necron soldiery is backed by formidable specialists, techno-witchcraft war machines, unconscious Canoptek constructs, and fractured shards of star gods. Their warlords are devastatingly armed immortal nobles who are driven by the absolute conviction that they are the legitimate rulers of the galaxy. What if the long slumber had reduced many Necrons to unconscious monsters, or ravaged their sanity to make them demigods beset by deadly dementia? That would only make a threat all the more terrible.

Codex: Necrons is your go-to guide to one of the greatest threats of the 41st Millennium, an age-old alliance of ancient androids who sacrificed their very nature to increase their might. In this book, you will discover the history of the Necrons, from the dawn of the universe to the Celestial War and then to their great awakening, all evoked by striking illustrations. After reading this rich history, you can build your army according to a range of rules that bring Necrons to life, including dynasties (including those of your own!), With datasheets, Stratagems and more to back it up. . 

This 120-page hardcover book contains:
- The history of the Necrons, from their distant origins to the Indomitus Era
- Stunning illustrations that bring the context to life 
- A gallery of figurines painted to an incredible level to inspire your own collection and color schemes 
- Crusade rules that allow you to grow your necron army over prodigious narrative campaigns 
- Special skills and bonuses such as Command Protocols for your Necron forces 
- Necron unit datasheets for reference 
- Stratagems, C'tan Powers, plus everything in between!