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RPG Series - Inferno at Spineback Peak, June 25th, 4:30-7PM

$15.00 CAD
Early bird price: $10.00+tax per person
Same day sign-up: $15.00+tax per person

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AGES: 14+ 

RPG Description:

WANTED: The strongest adventures around!

The Cobalt Counsel of nations needs your help! A draconic terror calling himself the Inferno of Providence has grown too powerful. His power threatens our peaceful lands, possibly even rivaling that of the great wyrms of legend.

Please do what you can to quell this peace and regain the precious relics and knowledge this red monstrosity has no doubt stolen. Only the highest level of heroes stand a chance against this beast! But beware as this dragon has so far thwarted all attempts at negotiations or our attempts to slay him. This Drake is cunning and deadly.

Can you be the ones to stop the Tyranny of the Inferno and recover what was once lost?

More information:

  • Led by DM Ian (He/Him)
  • Players will be provided with pre-generated characters upon arrival
  • This is a one-shot/single event scenario