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One Piece: Water 7

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  • PLAYERS 2 to 6 | MINUTES 40 | AGE 8+
    This is an expansion and requires the base game to play: No

    In this new cooperative board game Luffy and his crew arrive in Water 7, the famous island-city with its seven naval shipyards. They soon realize that their boat, the Going Merry, is not reparable! They will have to find material in order to build a new one. But the CP9 will do everything to stop their progress and have kidnapped Robin. Will they be able to save their friend, build the Thousand Sunny and board it before the Aqua Laguna, a gigantic wave, invades the game?

  • On your turn you roll and reroll your progress dice to use them to get victory points, resources and move around the board, trying to get the pieces to build the new ship and to rescue Nico Robin. If you can not avoid the CP9 enemies, you will fight using combat dices and your resources against them.

  • The enemy figures are moved by an event deck of cards, and after some turns, the Aqua Laguna waves will start to invade the board. You and your team must be quick! If you are covered by the Aqua Laguna water, you can be eliminated. And if the water invades everything (all Aqua Laguna counters are used), all of you will lose.

  • However, if you finish the ship and rescue Nico Robin in time, the player with most victory points will be the real winner!

  • No expansions yet!
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