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Sky Traders

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Since the dawn of the Age of Skyships, ruthless traders have competed for control of lucrative trade lanes. To prevent this conflict from turning bloody, the mighty Sky Guild was formed. But it was only a matter of time before the Guild itself became the prize for the highly competitive Sky Traders!

Now, ruthless Sky Traders compete to become the Master of the Sky Guild! Cloud mining, negotiation, piracy, black market… which route will you pursue to become the new ruler of the skies?

Load your skyship with valuable goods, evade ruthless pirates, and manipulate the commodity markets in Sky Traders, a board game of commerce and intrigue for two to five players. By dealing cargo for profit, cleverly playing the market, and maybe dabbling in some black market trading, you can build influence with the Sky Guild. If you become influential enough, you’ll become the next Master of the Sky Guild. Riches and victory will be yours!