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Winter Tales

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The Wolf sits beneath the statue in the center of the plaza, honing his knife, running the whetstone along the blade in long, smooth strokes. The snow is falling softly all around, making every noise seem muffled and frightened. In an alley, a small light flickers once, like a lightning bug in a jar. The Wolf rises quietly and pads through the snow, creeping toward the alley entry. Inside, it’s warmer, and the snow is melting off the ground. A ghostly figure floats above his head, a small light in its hand; behind him, a hulking metal giant closes off his exit. “What a small brain you have,” says the Little Match Girl. “The better to trap you with,” grates the Tin Man. The Wolf pulls back its teeth, and snarls.

Set in frosty Wintertown, Winter Tales is a narrative board game of imaginative storytelling for three to seven players. Players are split between the factions of Spring and Winter, and together weave the story of the conflict for the future of Wintertown. Controlling popular fairy tale characters such as Alice, the Scarecrow, the White Rabbit, and the Wolf, players attempt to complete quests and accelerate the story toward a final battle for ultimate control of the town’s fate. With the storytelling engine embodied in Winter Tales, players are invited to create a vivid and memorable story with every game!