I am looking for a game/item, but I can't find it on your website. Can you order it for me?

If you can't find a game/item on our website, contact us with the details and we can let you know if we are able to order it in.

How long does it take for you to get a game in?

We usually place orders once every two weeks, so we often tell people 2-3 weeks to avoid disappointment. If an ordered item comes in sooner, we are sure to let you know!

Do you have a storefront where I can browse in person?

Yes! We have a very small pop-up shop in Mississauga. You can visit us and buy your games in person. You can get more information here

Does your shop have tables or space to play games?

Unfortunately, at this time our shop is tiny with no room to accommodate game tables. However, we do host regular meetup events in collaboration with Mississauga's largest board game meetup--Mississauga Board Gamers Unite (MBGU). Check them out!

Why is your shop in such a weird location?

While we are very aware that a retail shop repurposed from an office unit attached to a storage building is not a conventional location, the rent is low. Low overheads mean better prices for you, the customer! However, we are actively searching for a bigger unit with better visibility.