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Dragon Age: World of Thedas Map 1000pc Puzzle

by BioWare
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$21.95 CAD
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Thedas is a place of great turmoil and beauty. In this 1,000-piece puzzle, you can enjoy the geography of the continent, beautifully portrayed by acclaimed artist and cartographer, Francesca Baerald.

Revisit the places where your Dragon Age story unfolds, from the Amaranthine Ocean in the east, to the Tirashan Forest and Hunterhorn Mountains in the west, to the snowy wastes beyond the Orkney Mountains in the south, and the Donark Forest in the north.

All around this map, a lore-rich imagery forms a frame.

After completing the puzzle, you will be rewarded with a large and gorgeous artwork that’s worth framing and displaying. But if you so wish, you can disassemble the pieces so you can later enjoy the challenge of putting them together again.