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Pretty Princess Pomelo

$34.95 CAD

An all-out battle will ensue between our magical heroes, The Citrine Heirs, and the interdimensional werewolf pirates, The Scurvy Sea Dogs. Build your team, cast your spells, and battle it out to claim the powerful and legendary Citrine Hearts! With strategic turn-based gameplay and destiny altering cards, get ready to take the fate of the universe into your hands!

On their turn, players draw 2 cards from any combination of Decks and play Character, Story or Power cards or activate their abilities. After which they may attack. and then draw down to a maximum 10 cards in their hand.

To win, you must have either a full team of either all heroes or all villains while controlling the Citrine Hearts card. A full team is 5 characters with 2 players, 4 with 3 players, and 3 with 4 players. After this is achieved that player wins the game.