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Exceed: Street Fighter - Ryu Box

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  • PLAYERS 2 | MINUTES 15 to 25 | AGE 10+
    This is an expansion and requires the base game to play: No

    Exceed brings the speed, tactics, and variety of high-stakes fighting action to life. Choose your fighter and enter the arena. There are no packs to open or rares to chase get everything you need to play right here. Exceed Season 3 features fighters from Capcom's illustrious fighting game franchise, Street Fighter!

    This box contains:

    • Ryu - Well-rounded fighter with excellent counterattacking potential and mobility.
    • Sagat - Dangerous projectile and mid-range fighter who can keep opponents at bay and re-use Special Moves.
    • Akuma - All-in power fighter with devastating Special Moves, but vulnerable to taking extra damage from opponents.
    • Zangief - 
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    • Exceed: Street Fighter - Chun-Li Box
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    • Exceed: Street Fighter - Ryu Box
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