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Unicornus Knights

by AEG
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  • PLAYERS 2 to 6  | MINUTES  60 to 90  | AGE 12+
    This is an expansion and requires the base game to play: No

    Unicornus Knights is a cooperative board game where the players are generals who must assist the Princess of a Kingdom to reach her capital. Chased away from the capital by a sudden attack from the Empire, the Princess is set on returning, and will stop at nothing. The players must pave way for the princess so that she does not run into enemy hands.

    The game is played on a modular board, where each board contains an enemy general. When a player closes in upon an enemy general, random "fate" cards are drawn that will represent the connection between the enemy general and the player, adding to the narrative and available tactics.

  • Requirements:
    • Base Game
    No expansions yet!
    • Expansion 1
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