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Burgle Bros. 2: The Casino Capers (PICKUP/LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY)

Sold out
$75.95 CAD
PLAYERS 1 to 4  | MINUTES  45 to 70  | AGE 10+

Welcome back to the escapades of the Burgle Bros. This time the team is trying to take down a string of casinos - during the day! They will have to dress-up (or dress-down) to go unnoticed in the crowds at the Casinos. Security here is even tighter - Bouncers chase down any suspicious commotions.

Gear - Players now have a kit of unique tools that can be use during ANY player's turn. Whole new level of coordinated plays.
New Rooms - pool, blackjack, buffet, dance floor - casino rooms are a new mix of effects that will keep you on your toes.
Chips - these are placed on rooms for additional one-time effects
Hunt mode - full tilt - angry - overtime
Finales - now opening the safe is the big twist. What will the team have to do to make it out with
Doors - now locked doors are in your way - temporarily. The team can crack doors easy. The real question is: should you leave them open?