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E-Raptor Trading Card Storage Big Box (MDF)

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$90.95 CAD
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e-Raptor Trading Card Storage Big Box MDF

Exclusive and high quaity huge MDF box for all card games players looking for a useful and amazing
design. Made of 6mm MDF with separators and plexiglas dividers enabling customiztion of the interior
(see the pictures). The box holds up to 5 000 sleeved cards and, when you have more than one, they
are stackable. The box comes with 25 plexiglass dividers that you can arrange by your needs.
The box can hold standard Trading Card Games size cards (like the ones Magic: The Gathering) or smaller.

External Dimensions:
Height: 14cm
Length: 42cm

Internal Dimensions:
Height: 11cm
Width: 39cm
Lenght: 38cm