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Herobook: Game Master (GM)

$37.95 CAD

HeroBook GM delivers a subtle yet striking appearance with a glossy black design on a matte black cover. Just like the fantasy world that hosts your campaign, it can appear opaque and mysterious, but a little bit of light and closer inspection reveals a wealth of inviting details.

The ultimate toolkit for 5E game masters, with a reusable party tracker and a monstrous hoard of rules, resources, tables, and tools, all in a deluxe notebook.

Reusable party tracker

The party tracker in the inside front cover is coated with a 1.5mil polypropylene laminate that works with wet- or dry-erase markers. Monitor your party's most critical stats like AC, spell DC, and passive perception. Write and erase initiative orders, monster hit points, and status conditions over and over with each combat encounter. Lose the disorganized stack of index cards and run your game smoother than ever before.

5E rules & quick references

Everything a game master needs at the table is inside: fully indexed gameplay rules, combat, spellcasting, conditions, objects, traps, monsters, and more, all sourced from the 5th Edition System Reference Document. Powerful quick references at the front and back of the book provide easy access to your most commonly needed rules. Simplify your game by combining your DMG, session notes, and party tracking into one beautiful package.

All-in-one game master resource

The unique 4-in-1 note paper combines lines for notes, grids and isometric dots for maps, and blank pages for sketching. Dedicated session logs help you remember what happened last time. A fillable table of contents helps you find your critical notes at a moment's notice. Blank stat blocks let you track custom monsters, NPCs, pets, and familiars. And, of course, over 50 tables and generators help you create anything your game demands with just a few dice rolls.

Tough construction & sustainable materials

A heavy 130lb cover stock keeps your character sheet in pristine shape, and 70lb acid-free satin paper inside provides an excellent bleed-free writing surface that preserves your notes and drawings for eons. The exposed Smyth sewn binding is strong but flexible, so the book opens fully and lays flat on every page. Best of all, it's made of 100% FSC® certified (FSC® C014956) post-consumer recycled and sustainably sourced paper, and printed in a carbon-neutral facility right here in our hometown of Vancouver, Canada.