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Monsterpocalypse: Legion of Mutates - Numitor

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Before becoming part of the Legion of Mutates, Numitor was the ultimate survivalist and conservationist, living most of his adult life among various wolf packs. In the days of the Monsterpocalypse, however, the entire human race is now in need of conservation. Although he had no military training, his insight into the mentality of packs and their hunting behaviors proved invaluable to the newly formed legions of human animal hybrids. He was quickly chosen from among thousands of potential candidates for the project: Numitor.

TRADE POINTS: Numitor is a monster with a synergistic playstyle that can join any Protectors force. When Numitor leads the Legion into battle, the nature of the pack becomes symbiotic. Numitor’s powerful Rapid Fire howls Tag enemies he wishes brought down. Through Pack Hunter tactics, both he and his forces are empowered by one another, and the ensuing Feeding Frenzy is a horror to behold.