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Streets: Deluxe Kickstarter Edition

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  • Designed and illustrated by Haakon Hoel Gaarder (Villagers), Streets is an easy to learn tile laying game for 1-5 players where you build new streets in a growing city. Through careful planning and placement, the aim is to make the most money from selling your buildings.

    The city is populated by increasing numbers of people (wooden meeples), each with their own preferences. These hipsters, tourists, shoppers, and parents increase the value of any buildings they occupy, and they move from street to street as they are scored. You'll need to locate your buildings carefully and attract the right crowd to earn more than your opponents!

    Lay tiles and influence people!
    Some of the building tiles found in Streets.

  • You can download the draft rules here. The final rules will look much nicer!

    Streets is really easy to teach! If one person knows the rules, you can open the box and be playing in less than 5 minutes. Here's the basics:

    1. On your turn, place a building into the city.

    Add meeples according to the colour and number of icons at the bottom of the tile you played. You'll also add an Ownership Token in your player colour.

    2. When a Street is Enclosed, all buildings in it are sold for money.

    Calculate how much each building is worth based on the Valuation in the top right corner, adding $1 for every meeple.

    3. Meeples move to new buildings.

    The player who enclosed the street moves the meeples on it to new buildings of matching colours on unenclosed streets. Meeples who can't move stand up and get FOMO (fear of missing out), and they'll move immediately to matching buildings when new ones are built.

    4. Earn the most money to win!

    There are lots of opportunities to create scoring combos, and to profit from other players' buildings. The number of meeples in play increases as the game goes on, raising the stakes and the tension! Though the game is suitable for new gamers, these dynamic mechanics create a lot of depth that seasoned gamers will enjoy.

     The Business expansion makes use of the icons on the top left of every building tile. Each building has one or more Home, Shop, Restaurant, Recreation, or Wild icon on it.  

    Business tokens and some of the tiles that generate them.

    Whenever a street is scored, every player with a building in that street gets to take a business token matching the icon on one of their buildings. At the end of the game there's a $10 bonus for the player with the most tokens of each type, and $10 for every set of all four tokens.  

    A simple addition to the game, but a big change to the way you'll play! Included in every copy of the game are seven Consultant cards (70x120mm tarot size) which give each player a really powerful and unique special ability. Deal one Consultant card out at random to each player during setup and you're good to go! 

    Six of the seven Consultants that come with the game.

    Both of the expansions are optional, and we recommend playing without either of them the first time you play, or if you're playing with a group that prefers simpler games. The expansions add extra crunch to the decisions you'll make as you play!

    Rahdo's reaction to playing with the expansions.
    A game of Streets in progress.

    Streets can be played by one player versus an AI opponent called The Grifter, using a simple set of rules and no extra components. You can find more information on this in the draft rulebook.

    You can watch a full solo mode playthrough video on our YouTube channel.

    More building tiles - they're the same in standard and deluxe editions.
  • We've taken great care to ensure that Streets offers excellent value for money right out of the box, and we've come up with a number of cosmetic and usability upgrades to both editions of the game that we can include even at the minimum funding goal. Rather than throw everything at you at once, we'll reveal these additions as the campaign goes on. Since we've already budgeted for them, they won't be tied to the overall funding level, but we will make you work for them :D

    New artwork will be revealed below...

    The more copies of the game we order from the factory, the cheaper they become. We can use those savings to add some cool new content for backers at no extra charge. The more backers who join us, the more extras we can include for everyone.

    In short, more backers means more free stuff for everyone! The free promo pack is our way of saying thankyou to backers for supporting this campaign. After the campaign it will only be available direct from Sinister Fish Games at an appropriate price plus shipping.*


    * The deluxe edition and promo pack will be available in limited numbers from retailers who back this campaign, but it will not go into general distribution, and there will be no restocks.

    There are two versions of Streets; standard and deluxe. They both contain exactly the same gameplay content, but the deluxe edition has some upgraded components.

    Screen printed wooden ownership tokens (same in deluxe and standard editions).

    Deluxe wooden money tokens.
    Deluxe meeples.
    Deluxe business tokens.