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IT'S FAMILY DAY! Our store and board game cafe are open until 9PM. Holiday seating rates apply.
IT'S FAMILY DAY! Our store and board game cafe are open until 9PM. Holiday seating rates apply.

Looking For Group: The Roleplaying Game

by LRI
$39.95 CAD

The game features an original adventure, new and cornerstone feats and spells, and the funniest version of the Pathfinder RPG rules ever written. The LFG Adventures is fully compatible with Pathfinder, the top-selling tabletop RPG on the market since 2011! You'll finally have all the rules to create characters based on Richard, Cale, Benny, Krunch, and Pella, or an original character from the LFG-niverse.

What’s in the Box?

  • Easy-to-understand rules for beginners, as well as hilarious and bizarre rules and examples to delight veteran gamers;
  • A re-playable sample adventure, Tojen, Crosh, Haima, and Juju Are Dead, taking place before the events of the now-classic Looking for Group page 133, in which our heroes must stop a Legion plot to destroy a dam, flood a temple, and push the civil war in the North past the tipping point. 2+ hours of play time;
  • A set of RPG dice and an LFG dice bag;
  • Pre-generated characters of the cast of Looking For Group, Richard, Cale (with Sooba), Benny, Krunch, and Pella, as well as a blank character sheet;
  • Over 50 pawns and a double-sided, dry-erasable mat to play out your LFG adventures;

    Like the comic it’s based on, the Looking For Group Adventures includes rules based on iconic fantasy imagery and popular gaming tropes, as well as the action and antics found on every page of Looking For Group!

      The Looking For Group Adventures was designed by Ryan Costello, Jr, with more than 50 pieces of original art by Aurélie Martin and Lar DeSouza, and maps by d20 Monkey’s Brian Patterson. It includes:

      • Two new races (lifeless, based on Richard and the undead inhabitants of a little village up the coast, and taurine, based on Krunch and the other Bloodrage), and five cornerstone races (dwarf, elf, gnome, half-breed, and human);
      • Six new archetypes:
        • War maestro - a bard that likes the feel of both weapons and instruments;
        • Healer - a cleric as adept at healing the living as un-healing the undead;
        • Soldier - any decent army’s disciplined ranks of fighters;
        • Weapon monk - a philosophical warrior whose fists are hardened weapons and whose weapons are hardened weapons;
        • Righteous ranger - a free spirited warrior who believes in good above all;
        • Warlock - a powerful sorcerer who believes in fwoosh above all.
      • 22 new feats, (like Cruel Fuel, which allows spontaneous casters to regain spells by killing innocent, ineffective creatures, and Griefer, where your effectiveness in combat improves based on the bad things that happen to your “allies”) and dozens of cornerstone feats, enough to make any character you want;
      • 20 new spells (like babality, the curse of youth, and shed flesh, the ability to animate the skeletons of the living) and a full catalogue of cornerstone spells or utility and destruction