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Nine Tiles [IMPORTED]

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$37.95 CAD

***Multi-language instructions included inside***

Explained in 10 seconds - enjoyed by the whole family

The basic rule of "Nine Tiles" is to move and to flip the 9 tiles in front of you faster than the other players. There are six different patterns on front- and backsides of the tiles.

The rules are really easy, but you have to use your head to rearrange your tiles. You have to have a good memory and need to be fast.

Sometimes you will maybe cry out in desperation, when you notice that the last missing tile is not the one you thought it was and realize you have to rearrange everything anew.

This game is very easy to understand, which is why it can be played by nearly everyone: people who never play boardgames, children, adults, everyone! It's a real party game and while you normally play with up to 4 players, you can play with up to 8, if you have a second box of "Nine Tiles".